IELTS exam Writing Assessment

What is Organisation?

Use Linking words
This means you must use words that link different ideas together:
*  within a sentence eg. because, so, but, although, as well as, not only...but also etc.
*  between sentences eg. As a result, On the other hand, Despite, In addition etc.
*  between paragraphs eg. The main argument against, Another advantage etc.

Using formal language
*  Avoid using 'I' except for opinions - 'I think', 'I believe' etc.
*  Avoid contractions and slang: 'They've' should be written 'They have', and 'They're gonna' should be written 'They are going to'
*  Use sentences starters like 'Many people think', 'Some believe', 'Other individuals consider' etc.
*  Use modals to present ideas -  These people should...could..may...might etc.

Well structured paragraphs

Logically organize ideas
*  Make sure your ideas follow a logical order.  All points relating to one idea should be in the same paragraph or immediately following paragraph.  eg.  Write your advantages in one paragraph or in paragraphs next to each other.  Then write about the disadvantages.   

Use reference words
*  To avoid repeating words, such as 'people', use reference words such as 'they', 'this group', 'these individuals' etc.
*  To avoid repeating phrases, such as 'benefitting from higher education' you can use 'this', 'such an opportunity', 'this advantage' etc.
*  However, be careful that your reference clearly relates to the previous subject or object.  Too much referencing can make your ideas confusing for the reader.
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