IELTS practice exams and exercises

Holmesglen Institute of TAFE provides some excellent practice and advice

British Council learning have some practice activities

Links to practice tests on the internet.

Free lessons to learn about  sentence patterns. Useful for listening and speaking

 IELTS Listening 

 In the IELTS exam the listening test consists of 4 sections. Each section has 10 questions.

 1. A social dialogue between 2 people
 - often giving personal details required for an application 
 2. Often a monologue on a social subject
 - like a short speech or presentation on a radio program.
 3. A discussion between 2 to 4 people
 - the subject is often related to academic studies.
 4. A lecture - very often 1 person speaking formally.

What are they testing?
 The first section is the easiest and the last is the most difficult. There are various types
 of  questions:  multiple choice, short answer, label a diagram or map, matching,
 classification and completion of notes/ sentences/ summaries/ charts or tables.  The
 questions aim to test your ability to understand the general topic, specific information
 and details, spoken opinions and arguments.

How much time do you have?
 The exam takes about 30 minutes.  You write your answers on the question paper as 
 you listen.  There is an extra 10 minutes at the end so you can transfer your answers to
 the answer sheet.  You hear the recording once only.

 At the beginning of each section you are given approximately 10 to 15 seconds to read
 about half of the questions. Then you listen and write the answers for those questions 
 onto the question paper.You are then given another 10 to 15 seconds to read the 
 remaining questions in that section before listening and answering.

 At the end of each section you are given a further 10 to 15 seconds to check your

 Section 4 is different. In this part you are given 10 to 15 seconds to read all 10 questions,
 and then you listen and write your answers for the complete section.

How many points?
 Each question is worth 1 point, with a total of 40 points. There are no half points.
 You get no point if:
 - your answer is wrong
 - your spelling is incorrect
 - you write too many words
 - you only write part of the answer
Australia Network has produced an IELTS exam TV series!
Each episode is about 10 minutes long and focuses on various parts of the test, as well as grammar and vocabulary. I've used some of these programs with my IELTS class because I think they're so good! For Listening take a look at Series 3.

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