IELTS exam Writing Task 2 
How the IELTS examiner assesses your essay

The examiner will read your essay and mark your answer according to their assessment criteria - you can download it here.   (You can download Task 1 here) In order to help you understand each category, I have produced a table below with the most important details.  You can click on these for a more detailed explanation.  

And don’t forget your essay result is 60% of your final IELTS exam writing score.

Content / Task Response Organisation / Coherence and Cohesion Vocabulary / Lexical 
Grammar Range and Accuracy
Answer task appropriately
Have a clear view/opinion

Have clear main and supporting ideas
Introduce and conclude appropriately
Minimum 250 words
Use linking words appropriately and accurately, within and between paragraphs

Use a formal/academic style

Write well structured and balanced paragraphs

Logically organize ideas

Use reference words appropriately and accurately
Choose the correct words for the topic

Use the correct word form

Use accurate collocations

Use a variety of words

Spell words correctly
Choose the correct tenses
Use correct punctuation

Use correct prepositions

Use a variety of complex and simple structures
IELTS practice exams and exercises

Holmesglen Institute of TAFE provides some excellent practice and advice

Links to practice exams on the internet.