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Holmesglen Institute of TAFE provides some excellent practice and advice

Links to practice exams on the internet.
IELTS General Reading

There are 3 sections in this exam, however there may be up to 5 texts to read.  Obviously the texts will be shorter than some of those found in the Academic IELTS exam.

The examiners find the texts in newspapers, magazines, manuals, books, brochures, advertisements and notices.

Section 1
The texts here relate to general social information found in an English speaking country, and the questions ask you to find general facts.

Section 2
The texts here focus on training and training related information you can find in an English speaking country.  These texts have more complex language than those in section 1.

Section 3
This section is more general, probably with a longer, complicated text.  The style of the text will probably be descriptive rather than argumentative.
Australia Network has produced an IELTS exam TV series!
Each episode is about 10 minutes long and focuses on various parts of the test, as well as grammar and vocabulary. I've used some of these programs with my IELTS class because I think they're so good! For Reading take a look at Series 3.

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